How Do I Add Another Team Member or Admin?

How Do I Add Another Team Member or Admin?

Go to the Team tab located in your dashboard under Settings. From there you can add team members and admins. Once invited, the user will receive an invitation via email to join your Metaprise account. 

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    • What Is the Difference between a Team Member and an Admin?

      Owner The person who created the account is the owner. The owner role has access to all the functions. There is only one owner for a Metaprise account. Admin The admin role is similar to the owner with the exception of the admin can’t modify an ...
    • Where Do I Go to Manage and Add Vendors?

      Adding and managing vendors on your account is very simple and easy. Go to the Vendors tab under Pay in your dashboard. Click ‘Add Vendor’ Add a vendor's details: the Business's name, Address and the name of the person you speak to Add Payment ...
    • How Do I Add a Payment Method?

      Go to the Payment Methods tab located under Settings in your dashboard. From there, you can connect your bank account automatically via MX. You can also connect using a debit or credit card.
    • Where Can I Go to See My Receiving and Asset Accounts?

      Go to the Accounts tab under Accounts in your dashboard. From there, you can review your receiving and asset accounts. There, you can link accounts, add funds, and make transfers, too.
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      Making an Wire transfer from your account is very simple and can be done in a few simple steps Go to the Wire tab under ACH & Wire in your dashboard. Click on ‘Add a New Receipent’ Add their SWIFT/BIC code Once you’ve added the SWIFT/BIC the bank ...